Tuesday, 11 October 2011

15% off Cloud Security Umbrellas

Those of you who were at the Informa Cloud Mobility will remember my "Dark Clouds and Rainy Days, The Bad Side of Cloud Computing" talk. Because it is nearly winter and it will probably rain, and of course because I'm incredibly generous - you can now get 15% off the absolutely awesome "Cloud Security" umbrellas in the mobilephonesecurity.org shop. You can choose all sorts of colours as long as it's black ;-)

So head over to the shop and use the discount code RAINBOW to get your 15% discount, it is only available this week!: http://mobilephonesecurity.spreadshirt.co.uk/umbrella-small-A16948594/customize/color/2

* Update: I've added a larger size golf umbrella here too!: http://mobilephonesecurity.spreadshirt.co.uk/cloud-security-umbrella-2-A17690342/customize/color/2


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